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[GB] AKB Vero v2 - Aluminium

[GB] AKB Vero v2 - Aluminium

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Demi-Void: The term "demi-void" refers to a transitional state or threshold between material existence and spiritual transcendence, embodying the elusive essence sought by alchemists in their quest for the philosopher's stone and the transmutation of base metals into gold.

Luna: The blood moon casts an ominous glow, symbolizing a potent convergence of celestial forces heralding pivotal moments in the alchemical pursuit of transformation.

Fool’s Gold: The fools gold gleams with illusory promise, enticing seekers with its shimmering facade amid the quest for elusive truths.

  • 6.9 Degree typing angle
  • Clean seamless construction
  • 16.5mm front heigh (16mm at front of bezel)
  • Layout inspired by the original HHKB layout
  • 6063 Aluminum top/bottom case, Fool's Gold has a shiny PVD coated weight, Demi-Void has a copper weight, Luna has a brass weight
  • Engraved weight
  • Top-mounted daugtherboard for easier assembly

Kits does _not_ come with PCB and plate as standard, you can add them when putting together your board under this listing, and/or add extra PCB's and plates

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