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[GB] KLC Topre / EC Parts

[GB] KLC Topre / EC Parts

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We are happy to be able to offer KLC EC parts for our Virgo and Vero EC Group Buys.

These parts will ship with your other GB parts from the Virgo and Vero v2 GB.

What comes with the individual parts

  • 1U Pack : Housing (x35), Slider (x35)
  • 2U Pack : 2u wire (x4), Housing (x4), Slider (x4)
  • Stab Pack : 7u, 6.25u, 6u wire, Stab housing (x2), Sliders (x2)
  • 35g Dome : 35g dome (x40)
  • 45g Dome : 45g dome (x40)
  • 55g Dome : 55g dome (x40)
  • Springs (x120) + coiled spring
  • Silencing rings - Silicone 0.3mm (x125)
  • Silencing rings - Poron 0.3mm (x125)

For the Vero you'll need:

  • 2x 1u Packs, 1x Stab Pack, 1x 2u Pack, 2x Domes and 1x Springs, with silencing rings as an option

For the Virgo you'll need:

  • 3x 1u Packs, 1-2(You'll need 3-6 2u stabs depending on your build) x 2u Packs, 3x Domes, 1x Springs, with silencing rings as an option.

Use the dark 1u sliders that will be included in a bag with your order, and the 'crownless' 2u housings.

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