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[GB] Pneuma

[GB] Pneuma

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Introduction on the Pneuma from Stef:
The Pneuma is my take on the 60% form factor that I have worked on for the past couple of years. The name "Pneuma" or "πνεῦμα" is a noun used by the ancient Greeks to describe the "Spirit"  or "Soul". It is also used to describe the creative force within humans, a nod to the inspiration I've gotten while designing the board. The board was developed around the design philosophy that a product shall be interesting from three distances: far away, regular usage distance, and up-close.

From afar, the large shapes, soft lines and material finishes invite the user to come closer. Here they can notice the symmetry, balanced weight and design cues like the slightly larger slope of the case that looks like it sucks in the keycaps. Finally, when getting really up-close with the board, tiny details start to stand out like the continuous curvature of the outer edges and the tiny fillets used on the main chamfers to soften the look & feel.

A private GB was held for the Mk.1 design in 2020. It was planned to enter the public GB phase shortly after but was deemed too risky at that point in time due to the pandemic. However, armed with new insights, we improved the Mk.2 in terms of assembly, typing feel, and machinability while staying true to my initial vision for the board.

  • 6.5 degree typing angle
  • 7.5 degree top case angle
  • Clean seamless construction
  • 23.1mm Adjusted Keyboard Front Height
  • O-ring strip gasket mount compatibel with 3mm ø cord
  • 6063 Aluminium top/bottom case or option for PC top.
  • Copper internal weight
  • Estimated weight: 1.5kg (built)
  • Compatible with Geon 60% removable rubber feet
  • QMK/VIA compatible PCB by Martin
  • Aluminium plate and PCB comes with the kit



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